Gina M. McAllisterBoard Member

Gina M. McAllister is a managing partner at Fortitude Financial Management, a full service, boutique business management firm based in Los Angeles, CA. She oversees business management services to clientele in the entertainment industry as well as high net-worth individuals; which includes the accounting, tax, and cash flow management needs of the corporations, individuals and their various business entities.

A native of Chicago, IL, McAllister began her career in business management in 1996, providing consulting services (tax preparation and accounting) to businesses and entertainment industry professionals. In 2003 she relocated to Los Angeles and worked with several prominent attorneys on divorce and other litigation cases as a Forensic Financial Analyst. McAllister later joined top accounting firm Grant Tani Barash & Altman as a Business Manager; where she successfully streamlined year-end projection processes and tax preparation for both corporate and individual clients with a net-worth in excess of $25 million. Prior to joining Fortitude Financial Management, she helped to build the Family Office Group of CPA firm Rothstein Kass & Company in Beverly Hills, CA.

She holds an undergraduate degree in business administration from Michigan State University, and an MBA in finance from Howard University. McAllister is the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for The Imagine Initiative, Inc. and the Success 4 U Foundation, Inc.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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